Meal Prep made Fresh Daily for You.

Yes, Mario Mendias created The Fit Foods to offer healthy meals that are freshly and specifically made for an individual’s specific diet. But he also wanted to make it easy and convenient for everyone to access the meals. He emphasizes accessibility to his meals by carefully selecting his physical locations and by offering simple to use online ordering.

I look to place locations within close proximity to fitness clubs or parks so people who are active can easily access our healthy meals.

Mario’s team carefully shops, cooks, and portions meals. They know that healthy meal options help people achieve their fitness goals and will encourage people to live healthy longterm, not just when they are ‘dieting’.

You can order The Fit Foods meals while you are on a specific fitness journey or you can join The Fit Foods club and use our healthy meal prep to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Fit Foods menu is affordable and is always no-preservative and gluten-free. The expansive menu features organic, protein, vegetarian, vegan and more. Mario’s kitchen team is aways testing new items and they love to hear suggestions from customers for new dishes.

If you are in the market for a healthy lifestyle, check out The Fit Foods. They offer meals that work for you!

You can find The Fit Foods on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Q & A with owner Mario Mendias —


Why did you choose MOJO Point of Sale?

The only way to offer individual meals profitably is by integrating technology that can support efficient ordering processing. MOJO lets us take order online and in-store and have a 24/7 real-time view. This allows us to shop and cook with a just-in-time, no waste approach. Time is money and MOJO makes our POS a profit center.

What advice do you have for someone looking for a POS solution?

Your ordering and payment solution should work where you do and how you do. We have multiple locations, and also offer online ordering. MOJO works everywhere we do and includes the features we need to support in-store pickup, assigned delivery and our (soon to come) shipping options.