Already locked into a Point of Sale System? Use MOJO Online only for only $49/month. 

Customers order more when you offer then online ordering options. Instantly grow your sales with MOJO Online when you offer your customers options they want - like delivery, pickup or even catering. MOJO Online is affordable - only $49/month - but it is packed with features. Keeping reading to learn more - or book a time to chat.

Embeds easily into your existing web site.

Add an ‘Order Now’ button to your existing web site. MOJO’s team will help you setup your online order menu so you can get up & running quickly.


Online orders show up on your iPad® with Visual & Audio Cues.

You will never miss an online order because MOJO alerts you with sound and visual cues. Cues appear on your iPad® terminal and MOJO Online orders connect to your kitchen printer. On order acceptance MOJO Online will print the ticket to your kitchen printer. You can choose to auto or manually accept MOJO Online orders.


You manage the relationship with your customer (not a 3rd party service)

When your customer places an online order from your site using MOJO Online you get to manage the relationship. Your customer’s name and phone # are included in the order details.


Your customer gets status updates automatically

When your customer places an online order with MOJO Online they are texted when the order is accepted by you and when the order is ready. You can offer pickup only or also offer delivery.


You can offer pickup and/or delivery.

Choose to offer on-premise pickup or you can use MOJO Online to also enable delivery features. You can limit delivery to specific ranges that are appropriate to your location.


You can offer multiple menus, including catering.

You can setup an unlimited number of menu items and assign them to specific menus. For example, you can offer a catering menu with specific items, or a day-part menus like Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. You can also offer seasonal or special menus.


Includes Online Tipping

Your customer can leave a tip with the credit card used to pay for the order at the time the order is placed.


I love to order online.
— Your customers :)