MOJO Point-of-Sale offers you the features you need with an affordable price & easy to use mobile or desktop access. And support is available when you need it.

Packed with features MOJO only $39.50 / month per terminal (2 terminal minimum). Only $10 / month for 3+ terminals. No contracts.

Read on to learn more about the MOJO Point-of-Sale features that are designed for your business.


Online Order Store

Customers love to order online. When you use MOJO’s Point of Sale solution, you also get an online order store for both web and mobile browsers. The online order store is powered straight from the point of sale menu items so you edit & add in one place. Once you have your menu items setup, you can add an order now button to your site. MOJO Point of Sale lets your customers can skip the line and pickup at a designated time, and/or you can offer delivery. Orders show up on your iPad® with visual and audio cues. You get to choose 1-touch or auto-acceptance.


Manage and Know your Delivery Customers

With MOJO you can offer online ordering (an online ordering site is included in your monthly subscription). You can offer on-location pickup and/or delivery. When you receive delivery orders you get the customer’s name and phone number. Now you can build a relationship with those customers. (That sure beats paying a transaction fee to a 3rd party service who doesn’t give you access to the customers).


Offer your customers an ‘open tab

Would you like to stay a while and open a tab? MOJO’s ‘open tab’ feature is included in the POS solution. It is a great way to create an even more welcoming atmosphere for your guests. And, of course it is a super way to invite them to order even more. Another way to exceed expectations and build community!


Coming Soon - a flexible & easy to manage Loyalty Program

Assign reward ‘points’ to menu items to drive sales and assign redemption ‘points’ to menu items to drive your guests to try new items. MOJO’s (coming soon) loyalty program is easy to manage, flexible and will integrate seamlessly with online and on-location orders. MOJO Loyalty will give you the tools to thank customers, reward them and to direct them to your favorite menu items and merchandise. To learn more book a live demo.


Gift Cards that Seamlessly Integrate

Customers love to give and get gift cards to their favorite restaurants and food trucks. MOJO Point of Sale offers a gift card program that seamlessly integrations with the POS solution. It’s easier to keep you eye on your business when you have a trusted provider who can make you build loyalty.


Feature Multiple Menus including Catering

MOJO supports unlimited menu items that you can assign to specific menus. For example, you can setup menu items for for day part menus like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch or Special Events and Catering. If you like you can remove on-premise menu items from the online menu.


Cloud Based

MOJO Point of Sale runs in the cloud. This means your POS solution is backed up 24/7 and you can access it anywhere you have internet access. When MOJO updates and/or adds new features they show up in your POS solution.


Runs on an iPad®

MOJO Point of Sale runs on an Apple iPad®. We offer stands and other accessories so you can fix the iPad on the counter and/or carry them to drive-throughs or other areas where you want to take orders.


No Contract

You do not have to sign a contract to use MOJO Point of Sale. You subscribe to MOJO for only $79 per month (this covers 2 terminals). Additional terminals (3+) are $10 per month. This makes it easy to add new fixed or mobile locations.


Easy Setup & Simple to Use

You will love how easy it is to setup and edit menu items. Your staff will love how simple it is to learn MOJO Point of Sale. Your customers will love how quickly they get their orders. Everyone is happy!


Crew Clock-in & Time-Sheets

No need to pay another 3rd party provider to manage your staff’s hours and schedule. MOJO Point of Sale assigns your staff unique ID’s and they use MOJO Point of Sale to clock-in and out. You have a real-time view of staff hours and can easily export time sheets for use with your payroll solution.


High Speed & Updates Included

MOJO is a speedy point of sale solution. With MOJO you can setup menu items and process orders quickly. And with MOJO all of our updates and upgrades are included.


Easy Menu Creation & Editing

It is simple to add menu items and then to later update them in real-time. MOJO’s interface is easy to use and is intuitive. Add photos, description and go live! Your MOJO menu items also flow into your online order store and when you update items on the POS solution, they are automatically updated on the online store.


Sales Tax Reporting Integration

MOJO Point of Sale integrates with the industry’s most popular sales tax filing program, TaxJar. No more double entries or user entry errors, MOJO will connect your POS sales right to TaxJar.


Quickbooks Integration

MOJO Point of Sale integrates with Quickbooks Online. No more double entries or user entry errors, MOJO will connect your POS sales right to Quickbooks. *(MOJO Point of Sales does not integrate with Quickbooks Desktop)


Measurement & Reporting

With MOJO Point of Sale you can access data anywhere you are and review performance real-time. Setting up reports is easy and you can track and measure menu items and categories.


Smart Tipping & Flexible Payment

With MOJO Point of Sale, large groups are a breeze to handle. The MOJO POS solution supports smart tipping and flexible payment so your order staff can easily split payments between customers and allow each customer to set tips.


Mappable Kitchen Ticket Printing

MOJO Point of Sale integrates with bluetooth or ethernet kitchen ticket printers from Star Micronics. The MOJO POS solution allows you to map printing to specific prep areas by category or menu items.


Works with All Credit Cards & Processors

MOJO Point of Sale supports all credit cards and processors.


Bluetooth Scale Add-on

MOJO Point of Sale offers an optional add-on integration with Star Micronics bluetooth scale. With the bluetooth scale add-on, restaurants with portioned menu items like salads or deli offerings can offer a speedy and integrated weigh & pay option.


Easy Menu Item Customization

MOJO Point of Sale supports breaking apart multiples of the same menu item so that customers can add their own modifiers. No more sacrificing ordering speed for customization.


Food Truck Scheduling

If you make it, they will come - - but only if they know how to find you and when. MOJO Point of Sale includes a robust scheduling feature which allows food trucks to publish location, hours and menu items.


Cradlepoint Internet Backup Integration Add-on

MOJO Point of Sale supports the Cradlepoint internet backup hardware. Adding a Cradlepoint to your restaurant means that you will maintain access to your POS solution even when your internet goes down.


Barcode Scanner Integration

MOJO Point of Sale integrates with Socket Mobile’s bluetooth barcode scanners. Restaurants with bar-coded items like prepackaged deli or pastries can scan & pay.


Kiosk (Optional) Integration

Coming soon….MOJO Point of Sale will offer optional kiosk integration.