Grow your restaurant with the right point-of-sale solution

Restaurants can build sales just by choosing the right POS solution

Successful restaurants know that serving excellent food is not enough. To compete with the expanding range of local and chain options, a restaurant also has to provide consistent and seamless service. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing the right point-of-sale solution. Restaurants should consider the following trends in service when evaluating your POS solution. 

Online Ordering -

Your customers want to order online. Your POS solution should include an easy to setup order site for mobile and web online ordering. A good POS solution will  let you quickly add in-store menu items to your online order site. And your POS solution should support in-store pickup, delivery and catering.  

With an online ordering site a restaurant immediately increases reach and marketing opportunities. For example, a restaurant can advertise ‘skip the line’ by pre-ordering. Or a restaurant can post special menus for events like Super Bowl parties. 

Personalization -

Your customers want to feel special. Your POS solution should support menu item customization at the point of order and the preparation stations. The right POS solution will let your staff break apart menu items and assign custom add-ons. And a restaurant should be able to flexibly map kitchen tickets to the right prep station.

When an order comes out just as the customer ordered, without fuss, a restaurant has earned a loyal returning guest. 

Measurement -

The right POS solution makes it easy for staff, managers and crew to measure menu item performance. A restaurant should consider a cloud-based point-of-sale solution so that it is accessible 24/7 from any location. And your restaurant POS solution’s features should include on-demand, real-time reports.

With real-time information you can plan inventory so you never run out of the most popular add-ons or menu items. You can also expand offerings in categories of interest. For example, a restaurant can test a vegan option and if it performs well, the category can be expanded.  

Crew Management -

Happy staff will make happy customers. The right POS solution makes it easy for your staff and crew to check-in and out and manage communication.  A successful restaurant needs a POS solution that seamlessly integrates with payroll programs and tax reporting.

The right point-of-sale solution allows a restaurant to focus on customers and menus instead of payroll errors and report double entries.  


MOJO Point-of-Sale designs POS specifically for quick and counter serve restaurants, cafes, food trucks and artisanal concepts like bakeries, donut shops and delis. We chat with potential customers in length to determine if the MOJO POS system is the best solution.

If you are evaluating POS technology for the first time or are contemplating a switch, please reach out. We’d love to help you find the right solution. Call 866-713-2224 or You can book a no-obligation demo here.