Add Delivery to your Online Store to Grow Sales

Adding delivery to your restaurant options will help you grow sales. Recent research by L.E.K Consulting predicts delivery sales will grow at more than three times the rate of on-premises revenue through 2023 and that 51 percent of customers would order more often if delivery were offered. The research shows that delivery is most often used for dinner meals and that customers are willing to pay a delivery fee.

There are many 3rd party delivery service options like DoorDash and UberEats that make it easy for restaurants to showcase their delivery menu. These delivery options have awareness and large marketing budgets so listing your restaurant will likely create new orders. The downside of these 3rd party delivery services is that they often charge high fees and restaurants may find that they lose money on their 3rd party service orders.

The good news is that the L.E.K. research shows that 50 perfect of customers would prefer to place delivery through a restaurant’s website or app. This means that restaurants can use 3rd party delivery options to get awareness and initial orders and than can direct customers to order through their own app in the future. Restaurants can include collateral and coupon codes in the order bag to encourage 1st time orderers to download their own order app or bookmark an online order store.

MOJO Point of Sale is a POS solution designed specifically for quick serve restaurants, cafes and artisanal concepts like donut shops, bakeries and craft pubs. MOJO’s POS solution includes online ordering and provides robust delivery features like delivery driver assignment and tracking. At only $39.50/access for the first two access points, and only $10 each additional access, MOJO Point of Sale is affordable and scalable for existing restaurants and/or new locations. MOJO also includes time-sheets and no-fee gift cards. Learn more about MOJO Point of Sale by booking a live demo.

MOJO Point of Sale includes online ordering and provides robust delivery features including driver assignment and tracking. You can set delivery fees from within the MOJO POS App and adjust them based on time of day and distance. Customers want delivery and MOJO Point of Sale makes it easy to give your restaurant customers what they want.