Your customers order more when you offer them online & delivery. MOJO POS includes online ordering and delivery options that let you manage your relationship with the customer.

MOJO supports you from setup through expansion and all the steps in the journey.

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Online Order Store

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Customers love to order online. MOJO Point of Sale includes an online order store that is powered straight from the point of sale menu items. Add an order now button to your site and your customers can skip the line for in-store pickup, or you can offer delivery. Of course the MOJO Point of Sale online store integrates seamlessly with your in-store MOJO POS solution.

Crew Clock-in & Time-Sheets


No need to pay another 3rd party provider to manage your staff’s hours and schedule. MOJO Point of Sale assigns your staff unique ID’s and they use MOJO Point of Sale to clock-in and out. You have a real-time view of staff hours and can easily export time sheets for use with your payroll solution. Your Staff love how easy MOJO is to use and you’ll how much your staff smile.

No-Fee Gift Cards

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Customers love to give and get gift cards to their favorite restaurants and food trucks. MOJO Point of Sale offers a no-fees gift card program that seamlessly integrations with the POS solution. It’s easier to keep you eye on your business when you have a trusted provider who can make you build loyalty. MOJO no-fee gift cards work for on-premise and online orders.

Stop paying multiple providers for online order stores, gift cards & crew timesheet management. MOJO gives you all of that in an easy to setup and simple to use point of sale solution that your staff will love to use.


We’d like you to meet some of our customers. Conventional they are not.

This group of gals & guys serve up the freshest, friendliest, most fun food in town. They are trend setters and community builders and eschew cookie cutter order & payment solutions.

MOJO lets them offer efficient & flexible points of ordering and payment where ever they want it — on-premise, online, at mobile locations (like food trucks or events) — and lets them set options for pickup, delivery, catering and even shipping.

Get to know these folks. Visit them online or stop by if you are in the area. Customer Service is their superpower - and MOJO is proud to support them.

Spin Sushi

Rock ‘n roll sushi with a super-charged food truck and state of the art brick and mortar. Serving up non-traditional spins they roll up to community events and celebrations. Order online, find the food truck with the MOJO app or roll into the new location.

The FitFoods

Healthy prepared meals for pickup or shipping. Organic, vegan, vegetarian or whatever rocks your world. The FitFoods offers online & on-premise ordering with options for pickup, delivery and even shipping.

CJ’s Coffee Cake

Local coffee, ethically sourced beans and clean baked goods. These folks take friendly to the highest level and everyone is welcome. Partnerships with local artists and bakeries solidify their commitment to community.

HG80 Foods

Untraditional flavors of tacos, chips and truck-made sodas made from scratch are the claim to fame of this ubiquitous Providence area food truck. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right and these folks show up for their community with flair.

Pioneer Smokehouse & Mercantile

This a place where customers eat world-class Texas barbecue, browse unique handmade Texas beer art & enjoy fun and fellowship. Located in an old railroad depot in a small historic town, they are part of a community-wide revitalization effort.

Hugs & Donuts

Hugs & Donuts is the sweet answer to Houston’s question “Where can I get gourmet donuts?” Multiple award-winning food geniuses have teamed up to bring you donuts so outrageous and filled with deliciousness that you’ll want to hug them.

MOJO Customers say what?

MOJO POS does not require a contract so we can scale up when we need without incurring big overhead.
We even take MOJO outside to speed up the drive-thru
MOJO Point of Sale is the main reason our revenue has gone up 10%
MOJO’s service team set up our menu so we could train staff before opening. This made our opening days a big success!